Although I’m Not Worthy….

Dear Lord God,

I know it has been a while, and I have been a sinner, and I have even been angry at you most of my life. I also know that when I do call upon you, it has usually been for my own selfish needs. But today I am going to stand before you, as you should know me even better than I know myself, and beg you for the life of a dear friend. I understand that I have blasphemed, lied, cheated, and done all sorts of wicked deeds in my life, and I am not even going to ask forgiveness. But I WILL ask you to spare the life of my friend, Noman Vilmer!

My heart is very heavy from all the suffering we humans have to go through on this earth, and I have misplaced anger that I usually direct at you. I am very sorry for that, Lord! I have loved, and been betrayed, been the betrayer, and also made myself the God of my own little imaginary world. If I am one of your children, then I am a fallen angel, or lost sheep wandering in darkness and looking for light. I have grown used to the darkness. and am accepting my fate…

Please, Lord….find it in your heart to let Norman stay with us for a while longer!

Please Lord….although I’m not worthy….Norman IS, and his family needs him!

Take me instead, if you really need a soul for your quota of death!!

I ask this in the name of The holy spirit that is in all of us, and in Jesus’s name!

~Jeff Bechter~

“There are no atheists in fox holes”

About B3ch

I am a musician, author, internet social engineer, Dead Poet, dreamer, and reincarnated wizard. ;-)
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