Venting Drive Plasma

(Star Trek Fans will get it…)

As I approach the event horizon, I realize I have wasted too much time venting drive plasma.
As the gravity pulls my ship and I toward our end, I am wishing I would have saved more of my drive plasma for fuel, for during my journey throughout the cosmos.
I assumed I had more than enough plasma for the duration of my life’s journey…

I know now, that I was very mistaken!

Now I can feel my ship… shaking and rattling, from trying to escape the gravity well of the event horizon of this unexpectedly appearing black hole. I am now marooned without enough of the plasma for the fuel I need to attain escape velocity, and avoid this certain death which lies nigh before me.

Therefore; I commit to space… this message in a bottle to anyone who may find it, in the hopes of saving you from making the mistake that I have.

Fix the leaking of your precious drive plasma as soon as it’s discovered! Don’t waste your precious fuel supply….you WILL want it later… trust me!!

And now … on to the place where not even light can escape…
Fair thee well!

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