The Wizard and the Fairy

The wizard was feeling his many lifetimes’ weight upon his soul. He had seen so many perish before him, friends, lovers, and yes even his enemies. It was strange how he even missed his enemies. He felt he had no purpose left, without the battle he had waged for so many eons. Now he was preparing to go into a long sleep to await the final release of his weary soul to the ether. He would welcome the change gratefully, and hoped his sleep would have more dreams than nightmares. Lord knows he had seen too much through his frozen blue eyes.

As he was about to enter his sleep chamber, he heard a very faint voice from somewhere he could not quite locate saying, “Stop, you can’t do that!”

“Who are you, and how did you get into my house?”
Asked the wizard, as he looked around to locate the source of the voice.

“I am a fairy that has been sent to stop you before you make a big mistake!”, exclaimed the tiny voice.

“Show yourself, so that I can see you!”,
said the wizard.

“It is enough that you can hear me for now, and maybe when and if you are ready I may appear, but that does not matter for now.”
Said the fairy.

“You were about to give up, we know this in our realm, and I have been sent to stop you!”

“And why would it matter in any realm, if I chose to hang up my hat, and lay down my scepter?” Asked the wizard.

“Because all things are connected, and your magic is more important than you may realize. You have forgotten your true purpose among these humans”, answered the fairy.

With this the wizard began to get annoyed, “Humans be damned! They are all self-centered children, crying about everything they can think of. I have spent centuries trying to make them see that there is more to reality than they can see with their eyes. They just refuse to see! They don’t even believe in me any more … screw them!”

“Indeed they have become lost” said the fairy, with a noticeable sadness in her voice. “They used to have a great wizard and King that gave them hope, but now the King is dead, and the wizard has gone away.”

With this, the wizard walked back to his conjuring room, put another log on the fire, and filled his pipe. “This is obviously going to be a long discussion”, he thought to himself as he sat down in his chair, and began gazing into the flames that were dancing in the fireplace.

“I left because I can’t help them, now matter how hard I try…..

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(Started Aug. 6, 2015)

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