Poison Pen Letter

Sticks and stones can break your bones
but words can break your heart
If you dip your pen in poison
it will be black from the very start
We all have our dreams, wishes,
hopes and fears
And they get taken away from us one by one
over the procession of the years
To hope is only a cruel joke in the end
It’s rigged against you
there’s no way to “win”

So I stab at thee, oh despair and whoa
With both hands I plunge my poison pen
deep into your heart
The black ink death-blood spills from you
and then the ice begins to start
The darkness starts to spread out before you
staining the mosaic emerald tile
But as I look up into your eyes
there is nothing but a wicked smile

What is love, that it should be so entangled with hate?
What is this life for, if there is nothing you can do to change your fate?

As the poison flows from my pen, I feel this is my
own virtual suicide
They may just find my corpse somewhere on a beach
that drifted in with the tide
It’s not like it matters any longer
once your dream becomes a nightmare
Mother nature can be a very cruel bitch
Life goes on, and nobody cares

So now I stick this poison pen into my heart
and spill my blood on the page
and now I bleed heartbreak, pain,
depression and rage


About B3ch

I am a musician, author, internet social engineer, Dead Poet, dreamer, and reincarnated wizard. ;-)
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