Venting Drive Plasma

(Star Trek Fans will get it…)

As I approach the event horizon, I realize I have wasted too much time venting drive plasma.
As the gravity pulls my ship and I toward our end, I am wishing I would have saved more of my drive plasma for fuel, for during my journey throughout the cosmos.
I assumed I had more than enough plasma for the duration of my life’s journey…

I know now, that I was very mistaken!

Now I can feel my ship… shaking and rattling, from trying to escape the gravity well of the event horizon of this unexpectedly appearing black hole. I am now marooned without enough of the plasma for the fuel I need to attain escape velocity, and avoid this certain death which lies nigh before me.

Therefore; I commit to space… this message in a bottle to anyone who may find it, in the hopes of saving you from making the mistake that I have.

Fix the leaking of your precious drive plasma as soon as it’s discovered! Don’t waste your precious fuel supply….you WILL want it later… trust me!!

And now … on to the place where not even light can escape…
Fair thee well!

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Psycho Magnet

Psycho Magnet
(Written in the St.Thomas Psycho ward…)

I have discovered that I have
both a blessing, and a curse
I am a psycho magnet
and the psychoses are diverse

I’ve been subjected to violence,
heartbreak, tainted love
and pain

I have also learned that the sunshine
must give way to the rain

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Death by a Thousand Paper-Cuts

I am the ghost of the Lorax, I still speak for the trees…
You humans, and your incessant “thneeds” …never cease to astound me! What have you done to all my beautiful trees!? My trees have been here long before you, and we will probably be around after you if you don’t learn to change your ways, and if there is still a planet left for them after you!

My trees can live 100’s of years if left alone and all they do for you is breathe in your carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, which you humans depend on for your very life.
So what do you do my trees? All kinds of horrible things! You chop them down with your machines, and rip off their limbs, and grind them into pulp to make your paper, to print with your worthless “words”, only to fill up filing cabinets, which fills up rooms, and then whole buildings…etc. The next thing you know, you need a whole forest worth of space to store your worthless paper….so you cut more trees for more buildings, and so on. In case you don’t realize it, there is only a finite amount of land on our planet were trees can grow! You humans spread like a virus, consuming all the resources (including my precious trees!) until there is nothing but wasteland…and then you spread and infect another area. It doesn’t take a genius to see that you are going to run out of space as you continue trying to take over our precious mother earth. That means death for you, but my trees will come back after you wipe your ignorant selves out!

Also in these buildings they have offices, with people on telephones, and typing on computers, and sitting in cubicles, working 39 hours a week (so their employer doesn’t have to provide benefits) trying to pay off their college tuition debt. In order to make more of the green paper, you have to spend many 1000’s of green pieces of paper, in order to get a special piece of paper that you can put in a frame and hang on the wall in your office….someday…meanwhile you sit in your cubicles, in your buildings, creating more pieces of paper like a slave…I just don’t understand!

Mother Earth, the trees, and I have been watching you humans and we realize you are still a relatively new species in the grand scope of things, but it’s amazing what damage you have done in what little time you have been here. You started out quite hairy, and didn’t have a very developed brain. But you had apposable thumbs, and soon you could grasp tools and even throw rocks. You also discovered fire and how to respect it, and learned to use it to cook your meals, and stay warm in the winter. It was a fight for your very survival, and you really rose to the challenge over the centuries. not only have you survived but you have flourished, and now are endangering myself, the trees, and your very own mother! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Now that your brains have developed exponentially, you have accomplished a great many things through much hard work, and community-driven efforts that are actually designed for the benefit of the common good. There are some very smart, dedicated, and hard working people out there who know how to solve our problems and cure diseases, but they are not allowed to! You have the technology to live in a comfortable world, but for some reason…you still pollute your air and water by using fossil fuels that are supposed to stay in the ground, while you have free sunlight and wind, and hydro thermal generators, predictable tides and currents…and many more alternatives!
(Please get with the program!)

Somewhere along the line in human development you started gathering in tribes, and for some reason there always has to be a leader of each tribe. This became a problem when there were more tribes with other leaders, and only the strong tribes would survive because in nature the strong survives, and the weak are either killed and/or eaten, or made into slaves. For some reason you humans seem to need to follow someone who is telling you what to do, and how to live your lives. You created kings, emperors, and presidents and even that wasn’t enough for you! You started creating Gods with your useless words on paper made from my poor dead trees. The kings started creating false gold out of paper so they could have more power over the people, so then the people stopped worshiping their Gods and started worshiping the green paper. Now, the people who have the most green paper get to be in charge. The problem with that is that all they want to do is make more green paper for them! Now you have created a God of green paper, and even your atheists must bow down before it, and obey it’s command.

It seems you are all killing each other very slowly by a death of a thousand paper-cuts.
My heart aches for your miserable souls!

Why don’t you humans realize that you don’t actually need all this green paper at all?!
All you really need is food, shelter, clothing, (since you are not so hairy anymore) and love! In your struggle to obtain this green paper, you leave behind your compassion and become selfish. And then your faith in this green paper replaces the love that you once had. Not only are you destroying my beautiful trees and our own Mother Nature, you are miserable and toxic yourselves, while you sit in your buildings trying to convince yourself that you are happy. What you really doing is just suffering an extreme case of collective apathy, that will be your downfall if you don’t wake up!

I don’t hate you humans… but I am very, VERY angry with you!
Once before I came before you and gave you a message with a warning:

Unless someone like you
cares a whole awful lot
it isn’t going to get better
it’s not!

I have returned to remind you of this again because either you weren’t paying attention last time, or maybe you’ve forgotten. It is not too late, and I’m here because I love you humans as much as my trees, and it makes me sad to see how you live, when you don’t need to! My tree are innocent, though….you humans…not so much…
So please, don’t make me have to come back and remind you again!

~The Lorax~

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The Wizard and the Fairy

The wizard was feeling his many lifetimes’ weight upon his soul. He had seen so many perish before him, friends, lovers, and yes even his enemies. It was strange how he even missed his enemies. He felt he had no purpose left, without the battle he had waged for so many eons. Now he was preparing to go into a long sleep to await the final release of his weary soul to the ether. He would welcome the change gratefully, and hoped his sleep would have more dreams than nightmares. Lord knows he had seen too much through his frozen blue eyes.

As he was about to enter his sleep chamber, he heard a very faint voice from somewhere he could not quite locate saying, “Stop, you can’t do that!”

“Who are you, and how did you get into my house?”
Asked the wizard, as he looked around to locate the source of the voice.

“I am a fairy that has been sent to stop you before you make a big mistake!”, exclaimed the tiny voice.

“Show yourself, so that I can see you!”,
said the wizard.

“It is enough that you can hear me for now, and maybe when and if you are ready I may appear, but that does not matter for now.”
Said the fairy.

“You were about to give up, we know this in our realm, and I have been sent to stop you!”

“And why would it matter in any realm, if I chose to hang up my hat, and lay down my scepter?” Asked the wizard.

“Because all things are connected, and your magic is more important than you may realize. You have forgotten your true purpose among these humans”, answered the fairy.

With this the wizard began to get annoyed, “Humans be damned! They are all self-centered children, crying about everything they can think of. I have spent centuries trying to make them see that there is more to reality than they can see with their eyes. They just refuse to see! They don’t even believe in me any more … screw them!”

“Indeed they have become lost” said the fairy, with a noticeable sadness in her voice. “They used to have a great wizard and King that gave them hope, but now the King is dead, and the wizard has gone away.”

With this, the wizard walked back to his conjuring room, put another log on the fire, and filled his pipe. “This is obviously going to be a long discussion”, he thought to himself as he sat down in his chair, and began gazing into the flames that were dancing in the fireplace.

“I left because I can’t help them, now matter how hard I try…..


(Started Aug. 6, 2015)

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We, the Disenfranchised

It has been quite obvious to me that “We, the People” are no longer in control of our government. The sad irony is that the government is supposed to be “We, the People”, and somewhere along the line it became us vs them. What I think we have in the USA, is a civil “cold” war going on between the Left and the Right divisions of our society. Somehow our government has divided us into two camps, and through controlled media, class warfare, racism, hatred, and outright LIES, they are making you and I fight against each other. All the while the men behind the curtain are pulling levers, and pushing buttons.

I think it may be time to stop this civil war that we’ve had going, and learn more about our true enemy. Is anyone with me on this one? Can we please, for the love of our children, get on the same page here? There seems to be two different philosophies going on; yin and yang, darkness and light, black and white, and so on. What we fail to admit is that both of those parts are in all of us. We all are both evil and good, and always have the potential to make decisions, one way or the other. Black and White, or Blue and Red are the extremes. The “fringe”…the fanatics, if you will.
I have found that it’s better to realize that between Black and White, there are almost infinite shades of grey.

We have become an emotionally driven society, who are trained to react a certain predictable way to media and social stimulus. We have become Pavlov’s dogs, salivating when the bell is rung. We use our social media profiles to make “friends” with people, so we can text them messages on their phones while we are in the same room with them. Why don’t more people realize that the global village we have now, is the answer to how to have a peaceful revolution? Yes, I am crazy enough to believe that a world-wide peaceful revolution is possible. As a matter of fact, it is the only revolution that IS possible! Violent revolution, or just war itself, has already played itself out. Where can you go from “Mutually Assured Destruction”? In my opinion, nuclear weapons are just the modern equivalent of the fecal matter that we apes are still throwing at each other. I wish we humans could evolve, already…

I think one of the most important facts of this past election is the fact that 47% of the people didn’t even bother to vote. And you know what, I am proud to have been a non-voter for the past two elections! Most people say that if you don’t vote, you have no reason to complain. I totally disagree! If we keep choosing the lessor of two evils, and settling for the same old crap lies, and dog and pony show, and voting in the jerk-wads… THEN we have no reason to complain! WE the people elect these losers! Remember that, please. I would love to see next year be the majority of 51% of the registered voters NOT VOTING as a PEACEFUL protest against our current election, and over all government “system”. Vive la Revolution!
In a true democracy, if 51% of the people refuse to participate in the sham, shouldn’t that mean anarchy?

A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.
Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

This proves the point that Democracy is just an illusion. If 51% of the people refuse to vote, it wouldn’t change a thing…would it? If voting really worked, we wouldn’t be allowed to do it.

We, the disenfranchised, in order to form a more peaceful and productive society, reject the current government of the United States. No longer shall we settle for the lessor of two evils in any branch of our government. By not voting, we intend to pull the plug, and drain the swamp. Our goal is to make America (and the world) great, for the first time in history! No more profits over people, and we reject your Money God that even atheists must bow before. We dare to call upon Pandora to open her box and once again let us have hope, to help counter-balance all the other evils that have been unleashed into this world.

You see things; and you say “Why?”
But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”
~George Bernard Shaw~

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Poison Pen Letter

Sticks and stones can break your bones
but words can break your heart
If you dip your pen in poison
it will be black from the very start
We all have our dreams, wishes,
hopes and fears
And they get taken away from us one by one
over the procession of the years
To hope is only a cruel joke in the end
It’s rigged against you
there’s no way to “win”

So I stab at thee, oh despair and whoa
With both hands I plunge my poison pen
deep into your heart
The black ink death-blood spills from you
and then the ice begins to start
The darkness starts to spread out before you
staining the mosaic emerald tile
But as I look up into your eyes
there is nothing but a wicked smile

What is love, that it should be so entangled with hate?
What is this life for, if there is nothing you can do to change your fate?

As the poison flows from my pen, I feel this is my
own virtual suicide
They may just find my corpse somewhere on a beach
that drifted in with the tide
It’s not like it matters any longer
once your dream becomes a nightmare
Mother nature can be a very cruel bitch
Life goes on, and nobody cares

So now I stick this poison pen into my heart
and spill my blood on the page
and now I bleed heartbreak, pain,
depression and rage


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Bipolar Bear


Being Bipolar Is a Bear!

I have been in a state of denial, I think. Quite a while back, I was labeled with Bipolar Disorder, and while I am on a positive pole I have so much energy that I start many projects and I feel as though I can conquer the world. This is when I tell myself that I am not depressed, and the psychologists are wrong. I even entertained the thought that it is Seasonal Affective Disorder, because it does seem to come around when winter is on the horizon. For some reason I have always hated Christmas time. I am depressed every year, and quite often spend the holidays alone.

I have always felt things very deeply, and that is a blessing, and also a curse. I am so empathetic that sometimes when I am watching a movie or show and a person gets injured somehow, I actually feel it when they hit the concrete, or get their toe smashed by a hammer, etc. I’m also a musician, and sometimes I will get so into a song that I will just suddenly start crying when I am playing and singing. This can be quite embarrassing in public, actually. I am much more comfortable playing my guitar in the background until the guitar solo, and then stepping back out of the spotlight. It takes a lot of confidence to step up to the microphone and be in the the front man. When I sing, I feel I’m emotionally naked up there. Of course I do it anyways, I just know that I have to avoid certain songs in public. The blessing part? When I’m by myself and I do feel depressed I play and listen to songs that fit my mood, and I get it all out of me. Afterwards, I always feel much better. Then I crank up the heavy stuff, and get energized.

As a teenager I was so depressed I attempted suicide a couple of times, and I’m very thankful I wasn’t successful. One thing that I have developed in my adult years is a will to live. I am not going easily into that dark night. I’m going kicking and screaming, and flipping the grim reaper off with both of my middle fingers! I have a lot of music and words in me that I still need to get out. I’m not done, yet!


So let’s stop with the denial, and confront this bear. For one thing, there is a deep feeling of guilt for me because in my positive energy phase, I start a whole bunch of different things, and tell people I am going to do this and that. Then the negative phase kicks in, and I don’t have the energy, will, or the concentration to do all these things I have started. That’s when the depressions kicks in and I feel like a total loser. It causes me to not follow though with things, and let friends and family down. I avoid social gatherings because I feel too depressed.

So this is an apology to anyone who I may have let down lately, and an explanation for how I am. I really am working on trying to be more stable and reliable. I am making myself write today, because it has been too long.

PS: I welcome discussion with anyone else who may feel as I do. Please feel free to post comments, I would love to hear from you!



Bipolar Dissorder


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The Global Villiage

I am going to go off on a possibly a long blog entry, but I just have to get some of this on “paper” because I feel it’s needs to be said! ….so here goes!

First of all; I think the “smarter” our machines get, the dumber (and lazier) we humans are getting! When I first got onto the internet in 1996, a computer cost $1,500.00 for a cheap one, and $2,000.00 for a 486 khz processor, and 256 Mb of memory. And of course that was on dial-up, 56k modems!….anyways….
Now computers are in people’s telephones, and they have GIGS of speed, and processor power! I WISH I had this stuff years ago!!! I LOVE the stuff you can do on your phone and with a computer twenty first century!

Second; Social Networking, and the “global village” effect is actually having a very profound effect on our society, and I don’t think many people are even noticing how much! Here are a few of my observations:

Radio, and then Television were the origin of this “dumbing down” of the American people. And it was also a tremendous leap from the telegraph, and early telephone system. In all cases, in order to pay for the equipment to transmit, receive and broadcast, not only did they have to build stations , wires and poles, studios, and broadcast antennas, power stations, and also had to pay DJ’s, Actors, stockholders, lawyers, accountants, and so on.

This is all very expensive stuff, and this also means either someone had to fork out a LOT of cash to get a station or “network” off the ground, or it would have never happened! This of course meant these people wanted to be paid back for their efforts, and also expected huge pieces of the profits in the future. so, once people had radios and televisions in their homes, and if they were close enough to tune it a station to listen and/or watch for free!
Well, that is when they thought of commercials, and sponsors, which at first seemed like a great idea! It would create a competitive market to sell products, and stimulate the economy. This would also make the studios do their best to capture the largest audience, so the most popular shows would be able to ask the highest dollar for their commercial air time.
Well….moving ahead to the twenty first century….
Now on TV and Radio, you get to hear 1 or 2 songs you like…or on TV, the beginning of a show starts….and then you suddenly get 20 minutes of commercials that are twice as loud as what you WANTED to listen to or watch, and etc…..Isn’t it infuriating!? The greedy, capitalist bastards always seem ruin everything that is a good idea!

“Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocrities”
~Albert Eisenstein~

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What is “Netiquette”?

The correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.

It’s really quite simple, but a lot of people just don’t get it! In short, the internet is just like everyday life… except it is a “virtual” world. The person out there who is looking at their screen and reading your texts, comments, FaceBook posts, etc. is another human being, unless they are a “bot”… (that is a topic for another story). Things you say and do online can have real consequences, and affect real life people. If you haven’t learned this by now, you must be a beginner on the internet. Don’t worry, you will find out.

I first started out on the internet in 1996, on a WebTV Plus “Internet Terminal” because at the time a computer costed $1,500 – $2,000, and a WebTV was only $200! WebTV did have some limitations though. It had no way to do certain tasks that everyone now takes for granted. This taught me to think “out of the box” from day one, and I learned HTML Code to create web pages to overcome WebTV’s limitations, and eventually I got good enough to build my own “Social Networks” with chat rooms, email groups, message boards, and news groups. This made it necessary to establish rules for people to follow so it could be a decent place where people could get along, and would like to visit, and return again to hang out and socialize.

Some people are just jerks, and there is nothing we can do about that, but to those who would like to behave like civilized human beings on the internet, here are a few tips.

Common Decency
Do unto others as you would wish to be done unto you. This is something we are all taught in kindergarten, but some never seem to grasp. Don’t insult people or embarrass them with stuff you know about them. Treat someone like you would like to be treated. Would you like someone to post that photo of you from last night while you were drunk and in an embarrassing situation? Then don’t do it to someone else!

Screaming and Yelling
When someone types in all capital letters, this is considered yelling or screaming. Some people do this because it is easier to type in all caps, so you don’t have to use the shift key. Just so you guys know…all caps is yelling! 😉

Don’t feed the Trolls!
There is a certain type of person we all know and loathe, you know …the ones who will do or say anything to get attention. A troll is someone who will post comments that are designed to push controversial buttons, and get everyone and arguing with each other. The more drama, the better! The best thing to do, is to just ignore these attention whores. Do not even bother lowering yourself to their level and replying to their “diarrhea of the mouth (keyboard)” posts, and comments. Nothing annoys them more than being ignored. Just make note of their username, and report them to the administrator of the message board or website for moderation. Trolls CAN be banned, and prevented from posting!

This could be a much longer story, of course..but to sum things up: The world, and the “virtual” internet world would both be a much nicer place if people could just be decent to each other, and follow the golden rule… “Do unto others as you would wish to be done unto you.”

“Be excellent to each other……Party on, dudes!”

Bill & Ted

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Life As I see it…

Greetings and salutations, fellow traveler on this information superhighway!
Please allow me to invade your grey matter for a moment, and tell you a tale of a quest for the truth. So often I’ve thought I really knew what the truth actually is, only to be proven wrong. I learned long ago that just wanting something to be true, doesn’t make it so. Wishes are unicorns, and they live in the land of “happily ever after”.

I have been an observer, and participant of this planet’s social experiment since November of 1962, when I was born in a Hospital in Cleveland, and then given up for adoption. I then went for the first six months of my life living in a Catholic adoption agency, and was then adopted by a Catholic married couple who could not have children of their own.

My first actual memory I can recall is when I was old enough to talk (or think I could) and telling my mother that I was too old for naps, and didn’t need them anymore. I’m sure this came out as baby-talk gibberish, but I do remember trying to convey this declaration to my mother. I don’t really remember much else about living at that house, as my father had a house built in the suburbs, and we moved there when I was still very young This is where I grew up, and lived until I struck out on my own at seventeen.

As I grew up, I was very curious and “hyper-active”, as I’ve been told, and I always seemed to be getting myself into trouble. Once I was an adolescent and I started actually thinking enough to start questioning things, I probably drove my parents insane asking “why?”, about everything! This, of course, included the faith that was handed down to me, and that I was forced to participate in just like school. I started to ask questions. Of course, then I was scolded, and told I would get in trouble, and/or go to hell if I didn’t start “paying attention”. The fact is… I WAS paying attention, and I just didn’t want to go along with the program. I then felt like one of the problem children that deserves to be exiled, and sent off to the land of the misfit toys!

On my quest for the truth, I’ve met Atheists, Buddhists, Pagans, Jews, Muslims, and more. I have also learned of many other cultures and philosophies, mythologies, and read with fascination about ancient civilizations. I have opened my mind in spite of how they tried to keep it closed. I discovered that by learning more than just the Catholic idea of reality, the world was much more interesting!

So, life as I see it is a gift. We only get a finite amount of time, and I don’t want to waste any more of it. This is all we know for sure, that we are here, and now.

It was nice to make your acquaintance, fellow traveler.
Thank you for reading!

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