The Wizard and the Fairy Part II

( This is Part II of a story that is being continued from here~> )

Suddenly, the wizard caught the faintest hint of a fragrance that he had not experienced for a long, long time. He couldn’t quite pinpoint exactly the time and place…..but there was something hauntingly familiar about that scent. Also, the rhythm and sound of the fairy’s voice….he knows her! Of course he does!
“Please tell me who you are….I can almost remember you, now….but you are blocking me with a spell….please tell me who you are, and show yourself!” Demanded the wizard.
“All in good time, first I have some news that may be a shock to you, so be prepared.”
She said with a reserved tone, and then she came out and said it,
“You have a child!”

For a few seconds he just sat there drawing smoke from his pipe, and letting it sink in.
And then it came to him in a rush, like an avalanche….

“Blue!!! By the Gods….it’s YOU!!! It has been hundreds of human years! Where did you go?
I was very broken-hearted that you left with no explanation! My darling, where have you been!!??
Said the wizard with tears that burned like coals in his eyes as he spoke.

“I have been raising our daughter, and keeping her from harm.”
Said the fairy, with obvious pride in her voice.

“You were so wrapped up with Arthur, and the wars, and you had so many enemies, it would have never been safe to raise her in Camelot! You KNOW this to be true!”
She said while glaring with a visible fire in her eyes.

The wizard looked down to the floor, unable to win the stare-down from her gaze.
She was a very wise and honorable fairy…..this is why he fell in love with her in the first place, after all!

“And I assume you knew there was no way I would have let you leave me, so that Is why you just up and disappeared on me?” asked the wizard.

“Of course dear, you know me too well….it was the only way, and you know it!”. said the blue fairy.

The wizard collected his thoughts for a moment, almost to the bottom of his pipe bowl now and considering refilling it….Then he asked,

“So why now, after all these years? Arthur died, the knights all left, and the round table was firewood many years go….why now?”

Because she asked about her Father, as simple as that…..and of course, if I would have waited any longer this evening, you would have been lost to the other realm of the ether forever! There was that, too.” said Blue.

“So the fact that she is still alive, means….”
Merlin started to ask.
“Yes, she is immortal. Just like her parents.” answered Blue.

“Well….I guess I can wait move on to the ether until after I meet her. I always did want to be a father, although I never really told anyone that.” Said Merlin.

### To Be Continued ###

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