Uncle Sam

First, a little background;
I wrote this song when I was 18 years old, after I had been laid off from a union job at “Diamond Foundry”, on East Market St. in Akron, Ohio. I had quit high school in 11th grade, and was actually very lucky to have a union job, but it was a tough job for sure! After about 6-8 months of working there, the place went belly-up and laid off everyone and then closed and liquidated. I wrote this song after waiting in line, and signing up to collect “Unemployment” ….
This song reflects how disappointed I was at watching not only myself, but my father being forced to seek alternate employment because of no fault of our own. Victims of a changing market, and poor business management skills….stuff “above our pay grade”…etc.
Life lesson: Life ain’t fair, and misplaced loyalty will get you NOTHING!
My father was vice president of the company, and he ended up having to start over at the bottom at a new place after 35 years of being a top-notch employee and manager! He was NOT the “OWNER”… so he (and I) got screwed!!!

He with the gold…..sets the rules!


~Uncle Sam~

I’ve been standing in a long line
just to find
I should be in another
They know it’s only money
and then they
give it to your brother
who has a job

But I don’t really mind
I guess I’ll live without it
I’ll just be hungry and cold
and there’s nothing I can do about it
without a job

Uncle Sam, I need your help again
I paid my taxes, don’t know where or when
Uncle Sam, I could really use a friend
Why does my life have to depend
on who has a job?

[Lead Break]


I know it’s only money
and now I’ll learn to live without it

I know it’s only money
and now I’ll learn to live without it


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