Death by a Thousand Paper-Cuts

I am the ghost of the Lorax, I still speak for the trees…
You humans, and your incessant “thneeds” …never cease to astound me! What have you done to all my beautiful trees!? My trees have been here long before you, and we will probably be around after you if you don’t learn to change your ways, and if there is still a planet left for them after you!

My trees can live 100’s of years if left alone and all they do for you is breathe in your carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, which you humans depend on for your very life.
So what do you do my trees? All kinds of horrible things! You chop them down with your machines, and rip off their limbs, and grind them into pulp to make your paper, to print with your worthless “words”, only to fill up filing cabinets, which fills up rooms, and then whole buildings…etc. The next thing you know, you need a whole forest worth of space to store your worthless paper….so you cut more trees for more buildings, and so on. In case you don’t realize it, there is only a finite amount of land on our planet were trees can grow! You humans spread like a virus, consuming all the resources (including my precious trees!) until there is nothing but wasteland…and then you spread and infect another area. It doesn’t take a genius to see that you are going to run out of space as you continue trying to take over our precious mother earth. That means death for you, but my trees will come back after you wipe your ignorant selves out!

Also in these buildings they have offices, with people on telephones, and typing on computers, and sitting in cubicles, working 39 hours a week (so their employer doesn’t have to provide benefits) trying to pay off their college tuition debt. In order to make more of the green paper, you have to spend many 1000’s of green pieces of paper, in order to get a special piece of paper that you can put in a frame and hang on the wall in your office….someday…meanwhile you sit in your cubicles, in your buildings, creating more pieces of paper like a slave…I just don’t understand!

Mother Earth, the trees, and I have been watching you humans and we realize you are still a relatively new species in the grand scope of things, but it’s amazing what damage you have done in what little time you have been here. You started out quite hairy, and didn’t have a very developed brain. But you had apposable thumbs, and soon you could grasp tools and even throw rocks. You also discovered fire and how to respect it, and learned to use it to cook your meals, and stay warm in the winter. It was a fight for your very survival, and you really rose to the challenge over the centuries. not only have you survived but you have flourished, and now are endangering myself, the trees, and your very own mother! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Now that your brains have developed exponentially, you have accomplished a great many things through much hard work, and community-driven efforts that are actually designed for the benefit of the common good. There are some very smart, dedicated, and hard working people out there who know how to solve our problems and cure diseases, but they are not allowed to! You have the technology to live in a comfortable world, but for some reason…you still pollute your air and water by using fossil fuels that are supposed to stay in the ground, while you have free sunlight and wind, and hydro thermal generators, predictable tides and currents…and many more alternatives!
(Please get with the program!)

Somewhere along the line in human development you started gathering in tribes, and for some reason there always has to be a leader of each tribe. This became a problem when there were more tribes with other leaders, and only the strong tribes would survive because in nature the strong survives, and the weak are either killed and/or eaten, or made into slaves. For some reason you humans seem to need to follow someone who is telling you what to do, and how to live your lives. You created kings, emperors, and presidents and even that wasn’t enough for you! You started creating Gods with your useless words on paper made from my poor dead trees. The kings started creating false gold out of paper so they could have more power over the people, so then the people stopped worshiping their Gods and started worshiping the green paper. Now, the people who have the most green paper get to be in charge. The problem with that is that all they want to do is make more green paper for them! Now you have created a God of green paper, and even your atheists must bow down before it, and obey it’s command.

It seems you are all killing each other very slowly by a death of a thousand paper-cuts.
My heart aches for your miserable souls!

Why don’t you humans realize that you don’t actually need all this green paper at all?!
All you really need is food, shelter, clothing, (since you are not so hairy anymore) and love! In your struggle to obtain this green paper, you leave behind your compassion and become selfish. And then your faith in this green paper replaces the love that you once had. Not only are you destroying my beautiful trees and our own Mother Nature, you are miserable and toxic yourselves, while you sit in your buildings trying to convince yourself that you are happy. What you really doing is just suffering an extreme case of collective apathy, that will be your downfall if you don’t wake up!

I don’t hate you humans… but I am very, VERY angry with you!
Once before I came before you and gave you a message with a warning:

Unless someone like you
cares a whole awful lot
it isn’t going to get better
it’s not!

I have returned to remind you of this again because either you weren’t paying attention last time, or maybe you’ve forgotten. It is not too late, and I’m here because I love you humans as much as my trees, and it makes me sad to see how you live, when you don’t need to! My tree are innocent, though….you humans…not so much…
So please, don’t make me have to come back and remind you again!

~The Lorax~

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I am a musician, author, internet social engineer, Dead Poet, dreamer, and reincarnated wizard. ;-)
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