We, the Disenfranchised

It has been quite obvious to me that “We, the People” are no longer in control of our government. The sad irony is that the government is supposed to be “We, the People”, and somewhere along the line it became us vs them. What I think we have in the USA, is a civil “cold” war going on between the Left and the Right divisions of our society. Somehow our government has divided us into two camps, and through controlled media, class warfare, racism, hatred, and outright LIES, they are making you and I fight against each other. All the while the men behind the curtain are pulling levers, and pushing buttons.

I think it may be time to stop this civil war that we’ve had going, and learn more about our true enemy. Is anyone with me on this one? Can we please, for the love of our children, get on the same page here? There seems to be two different philosophies going on; yin and yang, darkness and light, black and white, and so on. What we fail to admit is that both of those parts are in all of us. We all are both evil and good, and always have the potential to make decisions, one way or the other. Black and White, or Blue and Red are the extremes. The “fringe”…the fanatics, if you will.
I have found that it’s better to realize that between Black and White, there are almost infinite shades of grey.

We have become an emotionally driven society, who are trained to react a certain predictable way to media and social stimulus. We have become Pavlov’s dogs, salivating when the bell is rung. We use our social media profiles to make “friends” with people, so we can text them messages on their phones while we are in the same room with them. Why don’t more people realize that the global village we have now, is the answer to how to have a peaceful revolution? Yes, I am crazy enough to believe that a world-wide peaceful revolution is possible. As a matter of fact, it is the only revolution that IS possible! Violent revolution, or just war itself, has already played itself out. Where can you go from “Mutually Assured Destruction”? In my opinion, nuclear weapons are just the modern equivalent of the fecal matter that we apes are still throwing at each other. I wish we humans could evolve, already…

I think one of the most important facts of this past election is the fact that 47% of the people didn’t even bother to vote. And you know what, I am proud to have been a non-voter for the past two elections! Most people say that if you don’t vote, you have no reason to complain. I totally disagree! If we keep choosing the lessor of two evils, and settling for the same old crap lies, and dog and pony show, and voting in the jerk-wads… THEN we have no reason to complain! WE the people elect these losers! Remember that, please. I would love to see next year be the majority of 51% of the registered voters NOT VOTING as a PEACEFUL protest against our current election, and over all government “system”. Vive la Revolution!
In a true democracy, if 51% of the people refuse to participate in the sham, shouldn’t that mean anarchy?

A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.
Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

This proves the point that Democracy is just an illusion. If 51% of the people refuse to vote, it wouldn’t change a thing…would it? If voting really worked, we wouldn’t be allowed to do it.

We, the disenfranchised, in order to form a more peaceful and productive society, reject the current government of the United States. No longer shall we settle for the lessor of two evils in any branch of our government. By not voting, we intend to pull the plug, and drain the swamp. Our goal is to make America (and the world) great, for the first time in history! No more profits over people, and we reject your Money God that even atheists must bow before. We dare to call upon Pandora to open her box and once again let us have hope, to help counter-balance all the other evils that have been unleashed into this world.

You see things; and you say “Why?”
But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”
~George Bernard Shaw~

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