The Global Villiage

I am going to go off on a possibly a long blog entry, but I just have to get some of this on “paper” because I feel it’s needs to be said! ….so here goes!

First of all; I think the “smarter” our machines get, the dumber (and lazier) we humans are getting! When I first got onto the internet in 1996, a computer cost $1,500.00 for a cheap one, and $2,000.00 for a 486 khz processor, and 256 Mb of memory. And of course that was on dial-up, 56k modems!….anyways….
Now computers are in people’s telephones, and they have GIGS of speed, and processor power! I WISH I had this stuff years ago!!! I LOVE the stuff you can do on your phone and with a computer twenty first century!

Second; Social Networking, and the “global village” effect is actually having a very profound effect on our society, and I don’t think many people are even noticing how much! Here are a few of my observations:

Radio, and then Television were the origin of this “dumbing down” of the American people. And it was also a tremendous leap from the telegraph, and early telephone system. In all cases, in order to pay for the equipment to transmit, receive and broadcast, not only did they have to build stations , wires and poles, studios, and broadcast antennas, power stations, and also had to pay DJ’s, Actors, stockholders, lawyers, accountants, and so on.

This is all very expensive stuff, and this also means either someone had to fork out a LOT of cash to get a station or “network” off the ground, or it would have never happened! This of course meant these people wanted to be paid back for their efforts, and also expected huge pieces of the profits in the future. so, once people had radios and televisions in their homes, and if they were close enough to tune it a station to listen and/or watch for free!
Well, that is when they thought of commercials, and sponsors, which at first seemed like a great idea! It would create a competitive market to sell products, and stimulate the economy. This would also make the studios do their best to capture the largest audience, so the most popular shows would be able to ask the highest dollar for their commercial air time.
Well….moving ahead to the twenty first century….
Now on TV and Radio, you get to hear 1 or 2 songs you like…or on TV, the beginning of a show starts….and then you suddenly get 20 minutes of commercials that are twice as loud as what you WANTED to listen to or watch, and etc…..Isn’t it infuriating!? The greedy, capitalist bastards always seem ruin everything that is a good idea!

“Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocrities”
~Albert Eisenstein~

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I am a musician, author, internet social engineer, Dead Poet, dreamer, and reincarnated wizard. ;-)
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