What is “Netiquette”?

The correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.

It’s really quite simple, but a lot of people just don’t get it! In short, the internet is just like everyday life… except it is a “virtual” world. The person out there who is looking at their screen and reading your texts, comments, FaceBook posts, etc. is another human being, unless they are a “bot”… (that is a topic for another story). Things you say and do online can have real consequences, and affect real life people. If you haven’t learned this by now, you must be a beginner on the internet. Don’t worry, you will find out.

I first started out on the internet in 1996, on a WebTV Plus “Internet Terminal” because at the time a computer costed $1,500 – $2,000, and a WebTV was only $200! WebTV did have some limitations though. It had no way to do certain tasks that everyone now takes for granted. This taught me to think “out of the box” from day one, and I learned HTML Code to create web pages to overcome WebTV’s limitations, and eventually I got good enough to build my own “Social Networks” with chat rooms, email groups, message boards, and news groups. This made it necessary to establish rules for people to follow so it could be a decent place where people could get along, and would like to visit, and return again to hang out and socialize.

Some people are just jerks, and there is nothing we can do about that, but to those who would like to behave like civilized human beings on the internet, here are a few tips.

Common Decency
Do unto others as you would wish to be done unto you. This is something we are all taught in kindergarten, but some never seem to grasp. Don’t insult people or embarrass them with stuff you know about them. Treat someone like you would like to be treated. Would you like someone to post that photo of you from last night while you were drunk and in an embarrassing situation? Then don’t do it to someone else!

Screaming and Yelling
When someone types in all capital letters, this is considered yelling or screaming. Some people do this because it is easier to type in all caps, so you don’t have to use the shift key. Just so you guys know…all caps is yelling! 😉

Don’t feed the Trolls!
There is a certain type of person we all know and loathe, you know …the ones who will do or say anything to get attention. A troll is someone who will post comments that are designed to push controversial buttons, and get everyone and arguing with each other. The more drama, the better! The best thing to do, is to just ignore these attention whores. Do not even bother lowering yourself to their level and replying to their “diarrhea of the mouth (keyboard)” posts, and comments. Nothing annoys them more than being ignored. Just make note of their username, and report them to the administrator of the message board or website for moderation. Trolls CAN be banned, and prevented from posting!

This could be a much longer story, of course..but to sum things up: The world, and the “virtual” internet world would both be a much nicer place if people could just be decent to each other, and follow the golden rule… “Do unto others as you would wish to be done unto you.”

“Be excellent to each other……Party on, dudes!”

Bill & Ted

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I am a musician, author, internet social engineer, Dead Poet, dreamer, and reincarnated wizard. ;-)
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