Life As I see it…

Greetings and salutations, fellow traveler on this information superhighway!
Please allow me to invade your grey matter for a moment, and tell you a tale of a quest for the truth. So often I’ve thought I really knew what the truth actually is, only to be proven wrong. I learned long ago that just wanting something to be true, doesn’t make it so. Wishes are unicorns, and they live in the land of “happily ever after”.

I have been an observer, and participant of this planet’s social experiment since November of 1962, when I was born in a Hospital in Cleveland, and then given up for adoption. I then went for the first six months of my life living in a Catholic adoption agency, and was then adopted by a Catholic married couple who could not have children of their own.

My first actual memory I can recall is when I was old enough to talk (or think I could) and telling my mother that I was too old for naps, and didn’t need them anymore. I’m sure this came out as baby-talk gibberish, but I do remember trying to convey this declaration to my mother. I don’t really remember much else about living at that house, as my father had a house built in the suburbs, and we moved there when I was still very young This is where I grew up, and lived until I struck out on my own at seventeen.

As I grew up, I was very curious and “hyper-active”, as I’ve been told, and I always seemed to be getting myself into trouble. Once I was an adolescent and I started actually thinking enough to start questioning things, I probably drove my parents insane asking “why?”, about everything! This, of course, included the faith that was handed down to me, and that I was forced to participate in just like school. I started to ask questions. Of course, then I was scolded, and told I would get in trouble, and/or go to hell if I didn’t start “paying attention”. The fact is… I WAS paying attention, and I just didn’t want to go along with the program. I then felt like one of the problem children that deserves to be exiled, and sent off to the land of the misfit toys!

On my quest for the truth, I’ve met Atheists, Buddhists, Pagans, Jews, Muslims, and more. I have also learned of many other cultures and philosophies, mythologies, and read with fascination about ancient civilizations. I have opened my mind in spite of how they tried to keep it closed. I discovered that by learning more than just the Catholic idea of reality, the world was much more interesting!

So, life as I see it is a gift. We only get a finite amount of time, and I don’t want to waste any more of it. This is all we know for sure, that we are here, and now.

It was nice to make your acquaintance, fellow traveler.
Thank you for reading!

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